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Clean Clipboard

CleanClipText can Clean the content of the clipboard for formatting and leave only plain text in the clipboard. You know when you copy something from the Internet or a Spreadsheet and paste it into your word processor, it very often get messy because of all the font setting that came along with the text. If you activate CleanClipText after you done a copy and before you do the paste, then you will be able to paste simple plain text, you don't have to click the Clean Clipboard Text button, As soon as Clean Clip gets activated it does its job..
There are two versions of the program, one for all versions of windows from 98 to 7 that one don't have unicode support. Then there is the new one for windows xp up to and including windows 10, this new one have full unicode support.
There is no installation to this program it is just an exe file compressed into a rar file, so all you need to do is to download the version you want, then unpack the CleanClipText.exe and run it. It does not write anything to the registry, so when you don't want it any more you just delete the exe file.

Old version of CleanClipText Windows 95 to Windows 7 (ANSI) Download CleanClipTextANSI (202KB).
New version of CleanClipText Windows XP to Windows 10(Unicode) Download CleanClipText (340KB).


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