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Info and Register Dialog

For all Asger-P software

This information dialog is pretty much the same no matter which of Asger-P's shareware programs you are using the application name and bug email will of course be different.
The dialog will, as you see above, tell you the version of the software you are using and it will also provide you with and email address for reporting bugs, if you hold down the Ctrl Key and click the Bug Report link the bug report email address will be copied to the clipboard.

Reporting a bug:

If you click the link that says Bug Report and if you computer have a default mail program, this program will start and be ready for sending a bug report to the right address. If you computer don't have a default email program or you prefer using a web mail like Yahoo or Gmail you can copy the email to the clipboard by holding down Ctrl while you click the link, then you can paste it in to the To: field in you mail program. If you hold down both Shift and Ctrl both the email and the version information will be copied to the clipboard, you can then separate them you self after pasting them to you email program.
It is important that you supply us with as many information's as possible when you report a bug, like: Which program, which version, what you were doing and also which operating system you are using.

Registration Dialog:

This is the dialog you will see when you click the Register button and as you can see there is a detailed information about how to do the registration at the top of this dialog.
The names of the Edit fields match the names used in the email you received when you bought the application.
So you can either copy and paste one field at the time, or you can use the button in the lower left corner "Copy All From Clipboard".
In order to use that button, you must copy the whole contents of the mail into the clipboard before you click the button. When you are finished you you just click the Register button